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The Cub Scout Uniform

Each scout should have the following (WITH THE EXCEPTION OF TIGERS - Tiger T-shirts are all you need and we'll give you one)
1) A blue cub scout shirt (get a medium - they'll grow into it and use it all the way through!)
2) A hat with the symbol for the den
3) A neckerchief with the symbol for the den
4) A slide for the neckerchief with the symbol for the den
5) Den scouting book (each den has its own book). The books for everyone except Webelos 2 are new this year!
Cub Scout pants (optional)
Cub Scout belt (optional)

Uniform patches (NOT NEEDED FOR TIGERS):
The blue shirt comes with the American flag already on it. You can get these at the Scout Store in Southborough on Rt. 9.
1) The Knox Trail Council patch (the patch on the home page)
2) The World Crest (round, purple patch with silver stitching)
3) The pack number (big white 7 on a red background - the one on the left sidebar of the web site)
4) The den number (gold lettering on a blue background)
    Den 2 - Webelos 2 (grade 5)
    Den 3 - Webelos 1 (grade 4)
    Den 4 - Bears (grade 3)
    Den 5 - Wolves (grade 2 - Tigers from last year)
    Den 1 - Tigers (grade 1, but you will not need a uniform until next year so you don't need a den patch yet)

I also highly recommend buying a sheet of Badge Magic unless you are into sewing. This makes it much easier to attach patches, but can be tricky to peel. It really works even though you may think it seems impossible at first. There is a thin coating of glue between the peel-off sheets. Be patient!

The right sleeve has the flag (already attached) and the den number (gold and blue patch) goes right below that. 
The left sleeve has the council patch at the top and then the pack number (white and red) centered and right underneath the council patch. We don't use the little number in between.
The World Crest patch (purple and silver) is centered above the left pocket (the bottom of the patch should be about 3 inches directly above the center of the shirt button).
All other badges and pins will be awarded by the pack. As you do activities and adventures, you can pick up patches from those activities to wear on the back of the uniform shirt.